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Sep 29 2023

Introducing the 2023-24 District 2 Executive Members

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Introducing the dynamic volunteers who will shape the thrilling 2023-24 HEO District 2 Executive Board:

- Get ready for the visionary leadership of Chairperson Peter Bowen.
- Brace yourself for the game-changing strategies of First Vice-Chairperson-Discipline Jayden Bowen.
- Prepare for the unstoppable drive of Second Vice-Chairperson-Registrar Mandy Anderson.
- Experience the seamless coordination of Secretary-Treasurer/ Webmaster Lana Jarvo.
- Witness the authoritative decisions of Referee in Chief Paul Bowen.
- Feel the commitment to safety from Risk and Safety Ron Belmore.
- Learn from the invaluable guidance of Management Coach Mentor Trevor Thompson.
- Be amazed by the dedication of U7 Coordinator Pat McLeod.
- Benefit from the insightful direction of Director at Large Robert Walker.

We eagerly anticipate collaborating with the members of the LSLMHL and the member Associations in the upcoming season. Get ready for an electrifying journey ahead!

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